Embrace 2019

This sculpture admires the love and intimacy between two people. The figures melt into eachother, arms entwined. It is a loving, careful closeness. The material reflects the tender embrace where the seams of the mould, where different parts of the sculpture meet. The cutoffs leave only the core of the embrace. Intimacy is center focus. 

The past fifty years non-hetrosexual relationships have become more and more negotiable. Yet, there’s still a lot of discrimination against LGBTQI+ people, the love between the two subjects is not wholly accepted. Sculpture, on the contrary, have something eternal. They are steadfast and are often linked to the prestige of the person portrayed. Norms, values and visions are literally carved in stone. By sculpting the love between these men, I eternalise non heterosexual relationships as the new normal. The tenderness and carefulness are recognisable and sketch the universality of intimacy.

Material: aluminum cement