Fabric 1

The breasts are a first result of my experiments with fabric. An investigation into alternative methods of depicting physicality. Skin is the focus. How can human skin be translated into fabric?

The sculpture isolates the properties of our largest organ. The fabric captures the formlessness of the skin, the red thread paints subtle accents.

The fragility of the pieces of fabric show the vulnerability of the breasts. The material becomes delicate. The base form of the breasts is present, but the struggle of the artist with the material shines through. Coton is, contrary to clay, no ideal medium for flowing and accurate depictions of the human body. The somewhat stiff stitching, especially around the nipples, shows normal, flawed and contorted physicality. Loose threads show our bodies as the patchwork it actually is.

The frame is a found object. The relationship between the cotton and the wood creates an extra layer of tension within the sculpture.

Material: cotton, red thread, wood