Biennial of contemporary art In Champion

Hannah’s work “embrace” and “pajamas” are featured in the third edition of the contemporary art biennale In Champion, organised by Lieux Communs. It will take place from 2 October to 7 November 2021. The Champion exhibition aims to connect history, heritage and contemporary art. Eleven artists will occupy different places in the village: the Sisterhood Park (Hannah’s pieces are here), the Warzée Chapel, the Villa Josa, the village square, the pedestrian tunnel under the motorway and the Créagora area. Free entry. Works in the public space are permanently visible during the day.

Artists: Julie Digard, Palieter Hillewaere, Hannah Hoebeke, Sophie Legrand, Florence Lenain, Sofhie Mavroudis, Ludovic Mennesson, Frédérique Nowé, Pascal Martine Tayou, Kim Vandaele en Tomas Vanderplaetse.