Vitrines d'Amour

Hannah’s work is on display in the fourth edition of Vitrines d’Amour in Ghent linkeroever. Valentine’s Day is known as a commercial kitch and romance. Instead of plastic and plush, hospitable places put their showcases available for art about love. The result is an art walk along showcases with each time a photo, drawing, installation, collage, painting or text to discover. Open from 5- 20 February.


02.02 20:00 MUSICAL AVANT-PREMIERE café DeLoge, rue Annonciaden 5

05.02 11:30 LOVEFUL OPENING HUSET, Hoogstraat 49

11.02 20:30 LECTURE BÜHNE Madonna, Poel 7

20.00 17:00 PASSIONAL DEPARTURE Bar Mirwaar, Burgstraat 59.